Need To Get Your Stove Repaired?

Whenever items are used on a boat or yacht to perform the various functions, they are exposed to wear and tear. Even the best maintained kitchen stove will eventually age or break down at some point. The decision on whether to repair or buy a new stove depends on a lot of factors.

First is the cost of repairing the stove versus purchasing a new more energy efficient model stove. Buying a new stove may seem expensive at first, but in the long run it may prove to be the best choice. On the other hand repairing the old stove may be cheap at first, but may be followed by frequent breakdown requiring frequent repairs which end up being costly with time.

Secondly, one may opt to repair the old stove rather than buy a new one, this may be applicable where it’s only a small minor part of the stove that is broken due to wear and tear such as a circuit overload or due to other causes. If the stove was recently purchased and it’s expected to function properly for a longer duration, then warrant maintenance is the way to go. But if it’s an old stove that has been used for years, then it’s time to put it aside and replace with a new one.

One may also consider the uses of the stove abroad the vessel to make this decision. Assuming that the stove prepares all the meals for the crew and it has broken down, then repairing it would not be the best option. To avoid future disappointments, bearing in mind that the chances of breakdowns are directly proportional to the usage, then the best option is to purchase a new stove.

However, for those who keep the stove on the vessel as a backup in case other sources of food preparation equipment are not working, then repairing it can be a better choice. If the extent of the damage is high, then the best decision is to purchase a new stove.

We all like the convenience of kitchen appliances, the best way to ensure we get the best, is to buy high quality products and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and service.